Uncertain Times

In this time of uncertainty, I thought it might be helpful to someone to hear that GOD is with each of us.

Several months ago, I took a job with a company that I had worked for several years prior. But the company has changed in so many ways, when I was working there and now. The best way to describe the work place is that it is the devil’s playground.

At the end of 2019, I started to look around for another career. At the beginning of 2020, we kept having meeting after meeting with my boss and our corporate staff. The demands and processes they were implementing meant that our employees would have to work harder and move to working seven days a week.

The goals were very hard to meet. We couldn’t even get enough employees hired to keep up. In February of this year, I was hearing our Father tell me that I needed to leave this company. I have heard people tell me that God told them to quit their job, or sell their house, or move across the country. I always wondered what they were talking about. But now, I felt this push to leave and things would all work out.

So, I turned in my notice to leave the company without another job lined up. I had a few talks with other companies, but now the pandemic of Coronavirus has us at a stand still. I know it will be harder right now to find employment, and I am very thankful that we have some funds in the bank that we can use if need be. When I left, they were going through the process of yearly bonuses, and I knew that I was going to forfeit mine by leaving.

I wrote all of that to get to this part. Last Thursday we got a letter from my past company describing my payout of my yearly bonus, and saying that I would be getting a large bonus. When I left, I was told that I wouldn’t get a bonus, or it would be very small. GOD is our provider by providing funds to make it through this new season we are in now.

Praise GOD!

James Henry Garibay