There are numerous families with young individuals in the Midlothian area who are physically handicapped and/or have intellectual disabilities. We recognize that there are limited opportunities for these families and individuals to attend church activities and become a part of a church family.

It is our desire to offer ministry opportunities that will provide a chance for individuals with special needs (SN) (or that are deaf and hard of hearing) to be mainstreamed into a Bible study class with a buddy whenever possible. We also offer a Sensory Room that provides a safe, more quiet, nurturing environment to care for those individuals with MILD or MODERATE disabilities who are unable to be mainstreamed into a classroom situation with a buddy. for Bible studies if that is needed. The safety of the individuals in the Sensory Room is of utmost importance to us. Please completely explain the individuals specific needs and behaviors on the Information Form below. This will help us make sure that we can provide the proper care and attention for each individual participating in this ministry.

Buddy System

Buddies will be provided for all SN individuals so that their caregivers/parents can attend worship and Bible study. These Buddies will attend class with each SN individual and will assist with learning activities and physical needs. They will also take each SN buddy to the Sensory Room if the learning environment becomes too stimulating.

How you can check-in

Each SN individual will check in through our Kiosk check-in system and receive a security name badge. The parent will retain the other portion of the name tag to be shown when picking up at the end of the service/class. No SN individual will be released to anyone without the proper security tag.

To best meet the specific needs of your SN individual, click the button below to complete the form. After completing the form, we will contact you to pre-arrange for a Buddy to meet you on the Sunday you plan to attend. It is best if this is all done ahead of time, so please do not wait until Saturday evening or Sunday morning to complete this.

We want your first experience with us to be a wonderful one. If you have any questions please contact Libby Laughlin. We look forward to serving your family!