Small Steps in a Big Journey

A few years ago, I was a patient at Cooper Clinic. I’m rarely sick and this visit was what I called my “50’s Checkup” visit. I had never had such a thorough set of exams in my life. The Cooper Clinic is known worldwide for its concierge approach to medicine and they stress a balanced approach to health.

What surprised me was their emphasis on nutrition and vitamins. Now, I’m a pretty healthy eater. My farming background actually gave me a love for vegetables when I was just a kid. Even during high school when fast food would normally have been my staple diet, our family garden kept plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits on our table.

What I wasn’t getting was a couple of vitamins, particularly vitamin D. So I assumed I would just take a supplement. Then the doctor said something that changed my expectation. “As much as the body needs it, you absorb it over time, a little at a time. You can take a big dose of it, but your body only absorbs it so fast.” (And yes, every morning I take one with coffee.)

That stimulated my thinking about my experiences with Scriptures. I don’t often have the “aha” moment of a scripture. I find that, over time, I start to recognize the voice of God on a particular issue. My regular diet of reading scripture allows my slow heart to absorb those principles over time. And I can’t seem to rush that.

Like the investor who knows that a consistent investment over time produces the best results, our hearts absorb the TRUTH best when they experience it day by day, consistently over time.

Ready for some spiritual vitamins today?