Slowing Down

I want to share that, as many of you were also experiencing before COVID 19, lives were going so fast and so furious that at times we had lost that human connectivity.

As the parent of a Senior 2020, time was ticking away so fast as we were preparing for Senior Breakfast, Prom, Graduation, Awards Ceremonies, Baccalaureate, and moving off to college. My heart hurts for her as she anticipates how much longer she has to wait for these monumental events. She and I have reflected on how BLESSED we are to be healthy, enjoy the little things, cooking dinner, shopping online for dorm room decor, and studying God’s word in our intimate family group. We miss seeing others, but we are taking these slowed down moments as blessings.

We are grateful for our FBC Family and the opportunities to continue to worship in a different way. I’m incredibly grateful for family dinners every evening, family chores, and evening walks with the dog. My prayers continue to be with those making difficult decisions, our leaders in community, schools, county, state, and country. My prayers continue for our health care workers and first responders, who continue to protect us every day and care for those struggling with illness and disease. I continue to pray for those experiencing job loss and for those that are in domestic violence situations.

Thank you for the opportunity to share, and thank you for praying for each of us.


Courtney Carpenter