Below are some suggestions from the Bible App, YouVersion.  You can also access these reading plans here. You will have access to hundreds of reading plans. We encourage you to start the habit of reading The Bible daily.


How To Start Reading The Bible 

Let’s be honest: we know it’s a good idea to read the Bible, but it’s pretty difficult to even know where to start. Over the next four days, we’ll learn about why the Bible’s important, how to start a daily reading habit, and how it applies to our lives today.


Reading the New Testament, Chronologically 

Have you ever wondered what a chronological New Testament would look like? Or how the Gospels describe the same event with different words and perspective? If so, this reading plan is for you. It’s impossible to state exactly in what order everything happened but this is an attempt and we hope it will bring new light to the eternal story of Jesus Christ.


Breaking Busy – How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy

Don’t just find happiness; find your purpose. In this 5-day plan you will learn how to stop chasing what leaves you empty and start doing what you were created to do. Stop the constant struggle to balance it all and instead find peace and purpose in a world of crazy.

Childcare Supplement Request

As a church, we want to do everything we can to make full participation in Group Life possible. We recognize that one limitation for parents participating in Group Life can be childcare. To help with this challenge, FBC Midlothian has created a system to offset the cost of childcare by reimbursing parents for all or most of the childcare costs related to Group Life participation. We hope childcare reimbursement makes getting connected at FBC Midlothian through Group Life a reality for everyone in our community!


If you and your family will be bringing your children to our preschool and children ministries on Sundays, please review our procedures before arrival.


Partnering with parents is always important to us. Below are a couple of tools that Orange has provided to help us connect digitally with you during this time.

The Parent Cue App | En Español
This free app gives parents weekly cues that are aligned with content in video presentations.

The Parent Cue Email
We will email, post, and share this digital version of the card.

Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic
A blog post for parents on managing anxiety during any number of life disruptions.

Anxiety Conversation Guides
Helping a child with anxiety is a challenge. Parents can download these age-appropriate resources to find tips and practical ways to help their children.

Preschool Guide | En Español

Elementary Guide | En Español

Helping Kids Navigate Anxiety Podcast
On this episode, Sissy Goff, Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee, shares tools for leaders helping kids process anxiety.


Click the link below to find a list of all of our materials for 1st – 5th grade.

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