Passenger or Driver?

I like to drive. No, I LOVE to drive. One of my favorite moments of vacation is when I finally get on the highway, set the cruise control, and settle in (usually in the EARLY a.m. hours), one hand on the wheel and the other holding a fresh cup of coffee. I let out a huge sigh of relief and those first hours of driving into the darkness of early morning are just glorious.

But I have a confession. I have fallen asleep at the wheel many times in my life–just for a moment–and it is miraculous that I did not have a tragic wake up.  I have learned to let someone else drive and I have recognized a wonderful result:  I get to my destination just as quickly, but I am far more rested because I entrusted the trip into someone else’s hands.

This month, we’re starting a special emphasis in our “Q&A” series on Sundays.  We’ll deal with this question:  “What difference does the Spirit make?”  The short answer is simple:  ALL the difference!  I have had to learn that lesson (and I’m still learning it) over time.  What I know is that I must make a conscious decision to surrender “the wheel” to a new driver that I trust more than I trust myself.  The Holy Spirit was promised by Jesus and He referred to the Spirit as the “walk-alongside” one.  We can’t experience the power, joy, and help we need without the Holy Spirit.

He’s ready to take the wheel; are you willing to give it?  Every day you make a choice of being the driver or the passenger.  Driving is exhausting, stressful, and limiting.  But when He takes the wheel, He is driver, navigator, and fuel all at the same time.  

So, which will you be?  Driver or passenger?