Midlothian has a rich history that dates back to the early days of the railroad of the 1880’s. Although our community has grown by leaps and bounds, we have worked to retain some of the small-town charm that communities in Texas’ past have offered. Midlothian has continued to think progressively as it has grown. Its economic structure is quite diversified – from blue-collar industry to a corporate headquarters.  Midlothian has become a vibrant, growing city that has a healthy vision for the future.

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Most of us are creatures of habit. We drive the same routes, live in the same neighborhoods, and simply are unaware of the needs of people outside of our daily lives. Our community is full of people with diverse needs and we savor the opportunity to reach out. We share this list with you in hopes that this will be a catalyst, for your group or individually, to go beyond fellowship and Bible study and be intentional about serving our neighbors.